UK science budget frozen through next election

George-OsborneThe chancellor of UK, George Osborne, made a declaration on Wednesday that the nation's R&D budget will be stabilized at its current state, during the times of the next election. However, some of the political leaders have shown contradictory views for the decision.

The declaration was made when the announcement of Parliament's annual Spending Review was made. The review highlighted the budgets and various cuts and its added affects over the government departments.

The present day total expenditure for the research and development freezes at £4.6 billion since the year 2011. The total spending of country top out at £746 billion. Osborne also declared that the expenditure on the laboratory infrastructure will be hiking up to £1.1 billion from the current number of £600 million.

He said that the finding suggested by the scientists is the first and vital expression of the relentless human search to know more deeply about our world. However, it is also act as a gigantic strength for a modern economy.

He also offered some magical words of inspiration to the next generation of innovators and gave them a motto of "keep inventing, keeping delivering. He also swears for government support.

However, the budget news had not matched with national science leaders. Dr. Sarah Main. He is the chief of the Campaign for Science and Engineering. He is stressed about the fact that the flat budget will not keep up with inflation.