Australia Terms Japan’s Whaling Program as Dangerous

Japan-WhalingAustralia is against Japan's whaling program and has termed it to be dangerous. A case has also been filed at the International Court of Justice in which Australia has been seeking a hold on Japan's whaling program.

Japan wants to have approximately 935 minke whales per year from Antarctic. But it has been said that the practice could prove catastrophic if other countries would also start following Japan.

Hearings are taking place and it has been said that decision with regard to the same will come by the end of 2013. Australia's lead counsel, Bill Campbell, QC, said that it would not be wrong to say that Japan has been hiding its commercial whaling under the carpet of research.

A number of experts have given their opinions about the matter. Professor James Crawford from Cambridge University was of the view that it is important to understand that special permits are not open-ended.

Laurence Boisson de Chazournes from Geneva University said that it is a high time now that Japan should wake up and take the right step.

''Japan has subverted normal scientific process by commencing with a pre-determined method - whaling - and attempting to 'retro-fit' a program to match", said the detailed written case.