Japan Draws Criticism over Whaling Programme

JapanFor past many years, diplomatic efforts were made to solve problems with regard to Japan's whaling programme. But no positive outcome came and the case was filed in the International Court of Justice.

A hearing has been taking place in which Australia has made its opening argument. Australian Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus said they are quite sure that Japan will follow the final verdict of the International Court of Justice.

"This is exactly what nations should be able to do, to take disputes to the International Court of Justice or other international tribunals, and have them resolved in a civilised manner", said Mr. Dreyfus.

Australia is having problem from Japan's whaling program that has been taking place in the Southern Ocean. There have been problems, but Mr. Dreyfus was of the view that Japan is a great international citizen.

They have full confidence on the nation that it will abide by the result. On the other hand, Mr. Dreyfus also mentioned that he is expecting that the court will handle the case objectively.

Mr. Dreyfus said things do not work alone with assertion. Japan has been killing hundreds and hundreds of whales every year and terming the act as science. But it is definitely not science, said Mr. Dreyfus.