UAE soon to get its first water conservation law

Water-LawThe latest reports have suggested that the UAE's first water conservation law aimed at controlling misuse of water and bringing together utility companies across the country has reached under the final review. In another 12 months, environmental officials are expecting this law to be passed.

Presently, there is not even a single national conservation law, which UAE has under its constitution, and it is instead on a regional level, under which regulation related to natural resources are placed.

Though there were no revelations regarding the details of the draft law; but it has come to light that researchers are insisting upon for strict observation of environmental impacts on the UAE's main source of water, the Arabian Gulf.

Yesterday, at a seminar, Dr Rashid Ahmad Bin Fahd, UAE Minister of Environment and Water, explained that the law will aim at regulating and laying out the legal mechanism for management and use of water in the country.

Furthermore, Bin Fahd explained that the law will undertake that utility companies like Dubai or Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa/Sewa) that organize their own production and distribution of water.

One of the major issues in the Arab world is the misuse of water, since these regions are really scarce in water. On March 3 every year, the citizens observe awareness on water scarcity with the theme for 2010 being: Water for the security of the Arab world.