Australian Jet to Embark on $14 Million Kamikaze Mission

ScramjetAs per reports, an Australian hypersonic jet is set to go on $14 million mission into space. To be launched in September, the Scramjet is expected to produce a great value for money.

To go on so called kamikaze mission, the jet will be propelled by rockets to a height of 340km out of the atmosphere of Earth. The team behind the design of 1.8m jet will go to Norway to see their mission moving off to space.

After rushing out of the atmosphere, the jet will come back towards Earth accelerating to a speed of about 8600km/h. Subsequently, it will disintegrate over the sea. It is said that the small amount of data yielded by this mission will help in making the hypersonic travel successful.

Further, it is learnt that hypersonic travel will let the passengers to go from Australia to South Africa in 45 minutes. The data to be derived from the mission will include how the extreme heat and forces impact the materials used to build it.

"This is a process where you have to be very quiet and focused on what you are doing. So if it goes to plan we will be cheering at every step", said Dr. Sandy Tirtey, the Technical Leader of the team.