Survey Prompts Calls for Health Lessons in Schools

Survey Prompts Calls for Health Lessons in SchoolsA new mental health charity has revealed the country has supported calls for mental health lessons to be taught in schools. A survey for MindFull has revealed that one in five children had showed symptoms of depression.

Shockingly, three in 10 were found to have hurt themselves intentionally before they reached 16, and nearly a third made attempts to give up their life.

More than 2,000 were questioned in the survey. The participants were in the age group of 16 to 25 yrs. They were asked about their experiences of mental health when they were children.

Nicola Hatliff, who is the special educational needs coordinator at the school, said the rates of depression cases, self-harming etc. have sought a rise in the country.

Calls for mental empowerment in schools have been prompted by the findings.

Stephen Fuller is an assistant head teacher at Barnwood Park Arts College. He said, "These problems are very much on our radar and we have a range of different things we use for our students. I would very much welcome lessons on mental health issues though".

He stressed that tutors have to play a vital role in knowing their students so as to figure out even a slight change in their behavior which could be an indication to the problem. Calls have been prompted to include mental health in the national curriculum.