Tribunal Approves Kangaroo Culling Program

KangarooA scaled-back control program will lead professional shooters to cull eastern grey kangaroos in seven Canberra nature reserves. Culling is expected to begin as early as Thursday night after a tribunal approved a scaled-back control program.

However, animal liberations have scathingly criticized the program, and vowed to disrupt the culling. They said that much of the efforts will be made to focus on the Goorooyarroo Nature Reserve. A license has been granted to kill
740 Kangaroos at that reserve.

Licenses to cull kangaroos at seven sites were approved on Wednesday by the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal. However, the tribunal gave license to kill only 1,244 kangaroos. The figure is 211 fewer than originally approved by the Conservator of Flora and Fauna.

Kangaroo culling period will go on till the end of July. Authorities have a little time with them to complete the operation. The designated culling sites will be closed for the public at Midday on Thursday to begin shooting.

Animal Liberation ACT spokeswoman Carolyn Drew said that more than 1,244 kangaroos will die because the figure does not include dependant animals that will be orphaned.

"It'll be within the range of closer to 2000 that they'll end up killing if they manage to kill that many", Ms. Drew said.