Artificially Sweetened Beverages Associated with Obesity

obesityObesity seems to be one of the hottest topics of discussion across the world. People have been trying different means and ways to avoid obesity.

One of the ways is to shun fizzy drinks and consume artificially sweetened beverages. Many people might be thinking it to be better option, but a novel study has found that these beverages are not at all healthy.

In fact, these beverages are associated with obesity and health problems like type 2 diabtes and cardiovascular problems. Lead researcher Susan E. Swithers from Purdue University was of the view that there are a number of people who not only believe that artificially sweetened beverages are healthy.

But they do not mind passing the message to others. "The data to support those claims are not very strong, and although it seems like common sense that diet sodas would not be as problematic as regular sodas", said Swithers.

Fizzy drinks were associated with health related problems like obesity, type- disease, heart related problems and stroke. But when studies were carried out, it was found that artificially sweetened beverages are also capable of causing harm. Therefore, it will be better that people should be cautious about what they choose.