Heaviest Hedgehog Goes on Diet

HedgehogA hedgehog has gained too much weight to become the heaviest one in Scotland. She has now been put on a diet, a report has uncovered.

The hedgehog named Edinburgh is not even able to ride up into a ball. It has been found that the name has been given to her after the place she was rescued in. Edinburgh was five pounds in weight the previous month.

Her overweight raised concerns about her health. It is, therefore, that Wormit Hedgehog Care Centre's owner, Sandy Boyd, in Fife, thought of restricting her consumption of food. She is later to be released into the wild.

The report revealed that the hedgehog was consuming big portions of dried mealworms along with cat food. She ate the same three folds a day. However, almost two-thirds of a pound has now been shed by her. She is now on smaller portions.

But, she still weighs at more than four-and-a-half pounds. According to the findings, the same meant that her weight is four folds the average weight. Hedgehog care centre's officials said that she was unlike to shed much weight.

"I went to weigh her on the ordinary scales which go up to two KGs but when I put her on them they just wouldn't work", said 74-year-old Sandy.