Diet Soda Leads to Health Problems

Diet-SodaThere might be a number of people who would have found diet soda to be remedy for weight loss. But such is not case, revealed a study.

A research has been carried out by a group of researchers from Purdue University. According to the study, it has been unveiled that diet soda is linked to a number of health complications.

These health complications can range from obesity, diabetes to heart related problem. Prof Susie Swithers said they have been able to reach at the above given result after assessing a number of previous studies.

All the studies that have been evaluated were carried out to know that whether diet soft drinks is able to reduce weight and what are the long term problems that can be caused due to the same.

It was found that those who consumed diet soft drinks were at increased risk of gaining weight in comparison to people who drink non-diet version of soda drinks.

Some of the studies that were assessed have unveiled that diet soda drinks increased the risk of developing metabolic syndrome by double fold.

"The take-home message is for people to be much mindful of how much sweetener, whether artificial or sugar, they're actually consuming", said Prof Swithers.