British’s Penetrator Survives

PenetratorBritish engineers recently sent a penetrator as a space probe, but it slammed into the block of ice, good news is that it survives.

According to the explanations coming from the experts, the projectile is an initiative of the British researchers to deeply explore all the worlds that lie in our solar system. For their purpose, the engineers tested the projectile technology that was filled with appropriate instruments and was fired.

They fired the 44-pound steel penetrator at a speed of 760 mph which slammed into a 10-ton block of ice. They have confirmed that the penetrator has impacted the surface of Jupiter's moon Europa. Moreover, the penetrator's structure as well as its interior components has not been harmed with the hit.

The BBC has reported about the penetrator on Friday.

British experts believe that more of such projectile could be sent on to other worlds to get closer to the facts that are still covered. Also, they said that these experiments could prove to be effective as well as inexpensive ways of landing instruments on the other worlds like that of seismometers which can better study the interior of the planets.

"It was really successful because the entry velocity was higher than expected and all the systems we've looked at so far have survived," Ms. Marie-Claire Perkinson, the program's industrial leader from Astrium UK, said.