New Mental Health Unit to Open Soon for Patients at Gold Coast

Mental-HealthThe Gold Coast's patients are soon to see a new class of mental health unit design for themselves. Iron beds in dorms, which are like prison, being long and dark, are a world away from the design.

It has been found that the unit would bring with it the latest European trends in treatment. The unit at the Gold Coast University Hospital has been bragging colourful interiors, with open-plan and living spaces, which highlights a patient's independence.

The report said that the new unit is a long way from the grim 'madhouse'-like room, to which patients of mental health problems were committed back only decades. Recently, the same was announced as one of the world's best new-fangled mental health facilities at the ninth yearly Design and Health International Academy Awards.

Ron Bridgefoot, project director principal, avowed that a research had proved that natural surroundings and gardens could help anxious and disturbed patients, while easing depression. The same was used to develop the concept.

Mr. Bridgefoot has been into the field for years since the 1980s. "Today's approach is a lot different, a lot more humanistic, and that is coming across in the way we are building mental health facilities", affirmed he.