UK Government Gives £6 million to Scottish universities for Research in Robotics

RoboticsThe UK Government has announced to give over £6 million to two Scottish universities through its funding programme for research in the field of robotics and autonomous systems. The funding has been jointly secured by Heriot-Watt University and the University of Edinburgh.

The funding will help in developing a research centre in the capital. Robotics and autonomous systems are known to have tremendous potential to be used in several sectors. The funding is part of the UK government's £85 million investment in various kinds of technologies.

David Willetts is Minister for Universities and Science. He said funding will help in strengthening existing research in the field of robotic and autonomous systems in more than 20 universities across the U. K.

Professor David Lane, of Heriot-Watt University, said that robotics can make significant breakthroughs in oil and gas, manufacturing, search and rescue, defense and environmental monitoring.

He added, "There are wider societal gains too. Autonomous robots could be deployed in to elderly people's homes to assist users in their everyday tasks, for example. Also, we'll advance the capabilities of prosthetic limbs".

He said the partners from the University of Edinburgh along with expertise of over 50 investigators will make the capital a global leader in the field. Those investigators are currently working in 16 research groups and institutes co-located in the city.