French Farmer Inspired by Snail Slime Facial

Snail-Slime-FacialSnail slime facials have been a big experiment for the Japanese salons. After Japanese salons started charging clients £161 to have live snails move over them even a French snail farmer has discovered a unique way of harvesting mucus from number of creatures.

According to Louis-Marie Guedon, slime is full of collagen, glycolic acid, antibiotics and compounds. They help in regeneration of skin cells. But this has also inspired a farmer, Mr. Guedon, of Champagnolles in western France. He has tried his hand in first industrial snail mucus business. He has even expressed his future goals that includes collection of 15 tons of mucus

This is anticipated to be a huge project where 130,000 euro (£112,000) project. The project would be partially financed by small business subsidies from the French government and the European Union. Till now the farmer has raised snails for a quarter of a century. He has not unveiled any facts related to extraction process.

However, he had extracted mucus, filtered and chilled it. Eventually snails are used and not killed. French have had snails on their plates for years as they've served it with butter and garlic. The farmer believes that the mucus can be brought to better use.