UK Team’s New Design to Put Human on Mars

Human-MarsThe latest topic of discussion among experts is the new design of the human mission to Mars. The design has been presented by a team of scientists from Imperial College, London. And it aims at putting humans on Mars

According to the reports submitted by the scientists at Imperial College London, they have designed a new concept mission to achieve their target of safely landing astronauts on Mars.

The plan rotates around a small two-part craft which will aboard a three-person crew to the red planet Mars. The plan explains that the craft in the initial stage will rotate around to generate artificial gravity with the planet thereby using a heat shield to protect itself against the solar flares.

It will then return with the crew to the Martian orbit in the pre-sent craft fuelled ice from beneath the planet's surface for their hassle-free landing.

It has been confirmed that the above concept and the development of the design has been done by the experts in conjunction with the BBC. Though further debate is required upon the technical obstacles and risks involved, experts believe that the new plan will help them put humans on Mars.

"Every part of this mission scenario has been demonstrated one way or the other, including the in situ propellant production on the surface of Mars," said Prof Tom Pike, who led the Imperial design team.