Chief Minister Chavan Announces CBI Prove into Tiger Poaching

Tiger-PoachingChief Minister Prithviraj Chavan was present at a function 'Leave me alone-Save the Tiger'. The function, which was organized on World Forest Day, on Tuesday in Mumbai, has led Mr. Chavan to make some important announcement.

It has been found that Mr. Chavan has said that CBI investigation will take place into the case of tiger poaching. While citing the reason for including CBI into the matter, Mr. Chavan was of the view, "There is inter-state connection and gang involved in tiger poaching cases. Police have certain limitations when it comes to conduct inquiry beyond state jurisdiction".

Therefore, it has been decided that the matter should be handled by CBI. Forest Minister Patangrao Kadam also talked about the same issue. He took up the matter in the state legislative council.

He affirmed that it is said that unemployment is one of the keys reasons for which tiger poaching takes place. But as per him, smuggling of tiger's skin and nails is the key reason for the poaching.

To talk about the investigation, it has been found that cases like the one that took place in Vidarbha will be taken up. Experts have termed the decision to be a landmark one.