Australia can boast of being a Domain of World’s Fastest Computer

AustraliaRecent updates have put forth a fact that Australia is now a domain of world's fastest supercomputer.

The computer, dubbed as Raijin is the world's fastest computer. It is a name that stands for Japanese god of thunder, lighting and storm. This computer runs at a great speed. It has a potential of working at 1.2 petaflops per second at its highest speed. Scientists say that the computer can process up to 170,000 calculations every second.

This computer is triggered with Fujitsu's PRIMERGY x 86 High Performance Computing technologies. It basically fulfills the aim of running compound mathematical models for a researcher at Australia National University (ANU). Basic purpose of the technology is to aid this researcher in unveiling findings about climate change, physics and the environment.

Director of the NCI, Professor Lindsay Botten has said, "Advanced computational methods form an increasingly essential component of high-impact research, in many cases underpinning discoveries that cannot be achieved by other means".

This fact has been preceded by a joint venture between National Computational Infrastructure and Fujitsu. Through this collaboration, the computer would be able to survive for next four years. But obviously the investment had to be good; $50 million.

The supercomputer is the largest in Australia and will aid researchers in studying vast amount of data.