Charles Schueler Falls While Working; In a Critical Condition

MGM-Grand-casinoThough he has survived his fall of almost 40m while he was working at the MGM Grand casino on the marquee in Las Vegas, Charles Schueler is hospitalized and is in a critical condition. He was found at a casualty ward of a hospital on Wednesday morning by the officials at Young Electric Sign Company, the firm he has been working with for the last six years.

The authorities said he was injured in an accident, which occurred somewhat before 10am local time. He was upgrading the large casino sign when he fell from over 100 feet at the sign on the Las Vegas Strip.

According to the sign company, Mr. Schueler's fall was partly interrupted by landscaping and trees. The accident happened at the very casino complex where a similar fall had taken the life of Sarah Guyard-Guillot, Cirque du Soleil performer. She died in June during a performance.

He was taken for treatment to the University Medical Center following the fall. The company officials said the man's family was by his side.

"I saw people looking up and right when I looked up, I was witnessing a guy falling and I felt the ground kind of boom, like a thud on the ground", Rodney Jones, a witness to the incident, said.