Rarest Bats in UK Facing Extinction Risk

grey-long-eared-batThe grey long-eared bat is one of the rarest mammal species in the UK. It has been uncovered in a recent report that the same is at the edge of becoming extinct from the nation.

Dr. Orly Razgour and colleagues from the University of Bristol had conducted a research, which helped them estimate that only 1,000 of the bats were left. All of them were in southern England. The findings have been presented by the Bat Conservation Trust in a novel conservation management plan.

While the decline had been estimated by pessimists, the actual figures are worse than the same.

Reporter Victoria Gill had gone to hunt for the bats in Devon's furtive place. Devon is one of the ten known maternal settles.

It is being said that the foraging habitat of the bats were needed to be ensured for protection. Or else, the species was likely to face extinction. The reason behind the increased risk is being claimed to be the changes realized by the agricultural landscape.

"Despite being one the rarest UK mammals, up until recently there was very little known about the grey long-eared bat and the conditions it needs in order to survive", Dr. Razgour was quoted as saying.