Over 500 Crocodile Babies Hatched

Crocodile-BabiesWatching baby crocodiles coming out of their eggshells was a treat to eyes for ground-level forest staff members of Bhitarkanika national park. It has been found that more than 500 crocodile babies have been born.

They all are ready to splash into water-bodies and other water-inlets present in the park. While explaining the scene, the few ground-level staff members, were of the view that they were standing at a safe distance.

There is a reason for the same as reptiles do not like human interference and they can violent as well. Manoj Kumar Mahapatra, Divisional Forest Officer at Rajnagar Mangrove (wildlife) Division, provided important information that as many as 56 crocodiles have hatchings were seen this year.

He continued by affirming as a female crocodile is capable of laying 50 to 60 eggs. These hatchlings come out of the eggs after 70 to 80 days, which is considered to be their incubation period.

"The population increase of these species has been at a snail's pace. Their growth is getting stabilised and also getting stagnated", said DFO Mahapatra.

DFO Mahapatra continued by affirming that salt-water crocodiles are found in abundance in Bhitarkanika Ramsar wetland site. Moreover, it is the only place in the country, where so many crocodiles are found.