Electric Trains May Run between Oxenholme and Windermere

Electric-TrainsTransport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has announced that he wants to run electric trains on the 10-mile route in the Lake District. McLoughlin said if electric trains will run between Oxenholme and Windermere, then a number of benefits can be derived.

The project that will cost £16m will be able to make the journey not only faster but it will environment friendly as well. McLoughlin shared his plans while he visited the county. As he revealed the plan, Cumbria Council was found to be quite receptive about the proposal and has welcomed the plan.

In order to strengthen the plan, the government has asked Network Rail to come up with a blue print as how they will actualize the plan.

"This is a key line to one of the most important tourist areas in the UK and I believe the rail industry has a role in making sure more people can travel comfortably", said McLoughlin.

He continued to share his thoughts about the role that railways can play in strengthening the economy of the country. He said strong rail link across the nation can prove useful in economy recovery. This is the reason that they have been backing the proposal.