One Way Ticket to Mars; More than 100K People Want to Leave Earth Forever

One Way Ticket to Mars; More than 100K People Want to Leave Earth ForeverMore than 100 thousand people have applied for one way ticket to the red planet and spend rest of their life there. The Mars One project plans to take volunteers to the planet Mars starting year 2022. Mars One project invited applications from people across the world. Nearly 30 thousand US citizens have applied for the program.

Bas Lansdrop, CEO of Mars One project said that there are many people who still haven’t finished their profiles and have not submitted the application fee. The project asks specific questions from the candidates and makes their profile. Many applicants have also uploaded their videos.

For US citizens, the fee is $38. Anyone over 18 years of age can apply for the program. The program entry fee depends on the nationality of the application. Lots of applications have been received from China and European nations as well.

The Mars One project has estimated budget of $6 billion. The company aims to collect the majority of funding from sponsors and by selling media rights. The program will be broadcast live and documentaries will be made about the development of program and the preparation of the selected candidates.

The project will select 40 suitable applicants this year. Two men and two women will be chosen as finalists. The project plans to take the finalists for their journey in September 2022 to reach Mars by April 2023.