Researchers discover direct link between soda-drinking and aggressive in children

Researchers discover direct link between soda-drinking and aggressive in childrenRegular consumption of soda in large amounts makes children more aggressive and leads to attention problems, according to a study by researchers at Columbia University, Harvard University and the University of Vermont.

The team of researchers analyzed soda consumption and behaviors of a total of 3,000 five-year-old children from twenty U. S. cities. Forty-three percent of the children were consuming at least one soft drink per day, while 4 per cent were consuming four or more soda drinks a day.

The team found that any form of soft drink consumption was leading to aggression problem in children. The more soda a child was consuming, the stronger was his/her association with aggressive behavior.

The researchers also discovered that the children who were consuming four or more soft drinks per day developed a considerable association with higher withdrawn scores as well as higher attention problem scores.

Shakira Suglia, the study’s lead author, said, “We already know that soda consumption is associated with weight gain… so this is another study that suggests there may be even more negative effects of consuming soda among young children.”

The findings of the study appeared in the most recent edition of the Journal of Pediatrics.