Incompetent Paramedics Cause Baby’s Death

Incompetent Paramedics Cause Baby’s DeathAn incompetent ambulance crew caused a three-month-old child's death. The baby got a fit due to which she stopped taking breath.

According to the parents of Bella Hellings, the paramedics lost the way twice and then decided to refuel the van. Due to this prolonged time taken by the ambulance, the baby was dead by the time she reached to the hospital. The ambulance took 26 minutes to reach the baby, while it was supposed to take only eight minutes. This time was extremely crucial for the baby, who had already stopped breathing.

Taking the responsibility and realizing the mistakes that caused the death of the baby, the East of England Ambulance Trust has published a report citing the mistakes made.

"The people who are meant to help failed Bella. If they had got to her in time she would be alive today," said Amy Carter, Bella's mother. She added that for the first time the authorities sent an ambulance from 50 kilometers away, especially when a vehicle was free at the distance of eight kilometer only.

The parents have blamed that the crew was very casual and got lost while reaching to the hospital. In the meanwhile, an air ambulance was also sent to take the baby, but there was no coordination among the staff and the ground crew took the baby to the hospital.

The investigation regarding the case will take place at Norwich Coroner's Court next month.