Strange Sea Creature Baffles Experts after Found washed up on a Spanish Beach

spainA sea creature has left experts baffled, after it was found washed up on a Spanish beach. The fish appeared to have horns and was found in an advanced state of decomposition. The fish was about four to five meters in length.

Locals also do not have any idea about what the creature was when it was found dead on Luis Siret Beach in Villaricos, Spain. Only guesses have been made that ranged from dinosaur or sea monster, to the Loch Ness monster or an oarfish.

Paco Toledano, a spokesman for PROMAR Sea Life Defence Program said that they have sent the details of the remains to the other experts, and hope that they will be able to ascertain what the animal was.

Dean Grubbs is a Florida State University ichthyologist and a specialist on the biology of fish species, specializing in sharks. He thinks that the remains could be of a shark.

Civil Protection coordinator Maria Sanchez told Spanish newspaper Levante, We have no idea what it could be. A woman found a piece [of the animal] and we helped her get the rest".

University of Miami shark researcher David Shiffman told NBC on Twitter that it is difficult to say what the strange creature could be, but the official guess that it could be a thresher shark.