Doping should be legalized, suggests Dr. Jason Mazanov

DopingDoping is illegal in sports and a number of rules exist to curb the same. But Dr. Jason Mazanov has come up with a new way to solve the problem.

He has suggested that doping should be made legal. Dr. Mazanov said that with passage of time, anti-doping fight has become more of a way to protect status rather than catching cheats.

Therefore, he has suggested that it would be better to legalize doping. Dr. Mazanov said that his suggested act will lead to level the playing field. On the other hand, there are experts, who were of the view that the measure will not lead to level the playing field.

There are a number of problems associated with the suggested action and it will dilute its real motive. Experts are quite divided on the suggestion. Some were of the view that the current anti-doping system is not better in comparison to pro-doping environment.

There are a number of things that needs to be decided before it is said that doping can be made legal. Some of the questions that need to be answered are: who will decide whether it is right to legalize doping or not? Before taking a decision on the same, a discussion among authorities concerned is needed.