Shark ‘Finning’ Banned in India to Protect Endangered Species

Shark-Finning-BannedIn a move to save Sharks' fins, India has banned Shark hunting near its shores. People hunt for Shark's fins and throw it back to the ocean for dying slowly.

In China, soup made of Sharks' fins is very popular and to meet this demand, the practice of finning has become very rampant. Apart from China, there are many other countries where drinking soup made of shark fins is considered to be a delicacy. Shark is an endangered species and finning has put them even in more danger.

There are several water species in Indian water that are endangered and shark is one of them. India has taken this action, as at present it's the largest shark catching country worldwide. There are about 40 to 60 shark species in Indian waters.

"The policy prescribes that any possession of shark fins that are not naturally attached to the body of the shark, would amount to hunting of a schedule I species, which get the highest degree of protection," said an official from the Environment Ministry.

According to the Environment Ministry, the fishermen, who found catching shark or with sharks' fins would be subjected to seven years imprisonment. Environmentalists all over the world have praised this action taken by the Indian Ministry in order to protect the sharks.