Project Sethu should not be continued, says CAN

Ram SethuThe Coastal Action Network (CAN) has described the Sethu project as ecologically destructive further demanding the scrapping of it.

In their statements, the officials from CAN say that the Sethusamudram project can prove ecologically destructive and economically unviable. Rather the Adam's Bridge or `Ram Sethu' should be declared as an international geographical heritage site, they added.

The above recommendation came from the experts during a press conference. Addressing the issue, Mr. Ossie Fernandes, co-convener of the Network said that the route 4A and Route 6 of the project are not feasible.

Supreme Court has already completed the hearings in the case and is expected to soon pass orders on the project. The case was prior handled by the apex court, which in 2007 directed suspension of the work on the project. It further instructed the Centre to perform a study and learn the impacts that the proposed new alignment could bring with it.

The Dr. Pachouri Committee Report filed in the Supreme Court also favored the non-feasibility of some of the project routes.

While speaking upon the project, Mr. K. Gopalakrishnan, former director of the Geological Survey of India said that the project could lead to recurrence of volcanic vents and further disruption to the environment.