Lengthened Screen Time May Lead to Depression in Kids

TVPublished lately by the Public Health England, a study has been claiming that children in the UK, who spend a long time before TV and computers, realize more emotional problems.

The team of researchers said that there was a particular reason behind the same. Spending long time facing the screen did not allow the kids to engage much in physical activity. They even tended to have less social interaction with their friends. However, these were important factors to lessen childhood anxiety.

But, the study dubbed 'How healthy behaviour supports children's wellbeing' showed more than four hours being spent by kids in front of screens. And the same led to depression and anxiety.

More than two hours were being spent before screen by 62% of 11-year-old UK kids, with some 71% of children, 13. Also, 68% of the 15-year olds were spending the same amount of time watching TV or computer. In comparison, less than 35% of Swiss kids faced screens for this long.

PHE's director of health and wellbeing, Professor Fenton, said that a child's emotional state was directly being affected by the screen time. Besides, each increased hour raised the risk of socio-emotional problems of kids.

"The greater the time spent in front of the screen, the greater the negative impact on both behavioural and emotional issues relating to the child's development", affirmed Professor Fenton.