Professor Field Now Chief Inspector of General Practice

GP-Professor-FieldBirmingham's GP, Professor Field, is ready to leave his present post of NHS England's deputy national medical director. He would now join as the chief inspector of general practice.

The new role has been announced by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt in May. According to Professor Field, the new position was a great opportunity to shed light on the good factors of general practice. Also, the bad aspects of the practice could be brought into light.

He said the new role would allow him to make sure that the issue of health inequality is put high on the agenda of primary medical services.

The responsibilities to be fulfilled by Professor Field include judging care quality, interests of patients and launching a ratings system for providers. Besides, he would be required to keep a check on health and social care services team up.

The new chief inspector said the new position would enable him to ensure that integrated health and care services are being given to patients.

"Steve will have the authority to judge how well each practice is serving patients, help us to celebrate the best practices, and take tough action where standards aren't up to scratch", said Mr. Hunt.