Scotland Independence’s effect in Business Discussed

BusinessA lot of debate has been taking place with regard to the effect on business if Scotland independence takes place.

It has been found that Scotland independence will make growth difficult. There are also chances that the UK witnesses a decline in exports by 80%. Gordon Brown has presented his view point on the independence debate by talking about the border effect.

"International evidence shows that flows of trade, labour and capital are much larger between two regions of the same country than between two (otherwise similar) regions of two different countries", said Brown.

He affirmed that such a thing can also be seen between countries, where no physical borders are present. Brown continued by affirming that it has been seen that trade ties does not get disrupt immediately, but with time they get erode.

Scottish independence is said to prove as a barrier when it comes to trade and labour. Though Alex Salmond has been trying that pound is shared, Brown feels that even then the constraints will be seen.

It has been said that the independence will not only affect the UK, but other countries as well in the eurozone. Scottish economy will be affected by the independence.