Spirent Communications See Bill Burns Stepping Down

Spirent-CommunicationsBill Burns, chief executive at Spirent Communications, was in bad the previous day. In control of the testing company, the man tended to lose his job, while seeing the firm's shares going up by 5%.

As per the report, the technology company deals with testing of 3G and 4G networks as well as companies' software. While Mr. Burns bowed out, the firm came up with no reason behind the same.

Mr. Burns has worked for five years for the company. Spirent only said that he had leave with immediate effect. However, he would be given payment as per his contractual arrangements.

According to the company's say, the annual salary of Mr. Burns was $720,000 along with his entitlement to health insurance benefits for a year. A pay package of $1.5m was taken home by him last year.

A fall of 72% had been reported by the organization the previous month. It said that the plunge was attributed to weak performance at the network and applications unit and to lower orders.

The company has reported that finance director Eric Hutchinson would act as interim boss.

"The board, with a view to the long term, will in due course retain consultants to undertake an extensive search for a new chief executive officer", avowed Spirent.