Scientists Discover Fossils of Megalodon

Fossils-MegalodonA panel of scientists at the Spanish Oceanography Institute has recently come up with the discovery of a deposit of fossils off the coast in the Canary Islands of Spain.

The report has uncovered that these are the fossils of a shark, which used to exist more than two million years back.

Discovered some 2,000 meters deep under an undersea mountain's base in October 2012 during an ocean research campaign, the fossils were immediately believed as belonging to a megalodon.

However, the group of scientists had to delay their confirmation until and unless they could now identify that these actually had no connection to another extinct shark, sea cow or whale species.

According to the findings, the megalodon was known to be one of the largest as well as most influential predators in the history of vertebrae. It has been hinted by fossil remains that the giant shark grew up to 14-18 metres in length.

Seemingly, the megalodon appeared akin to the great white shark's stockier version.

"The discovery of the fossils is an event of great scientific significance. They show that the biggest marine predator of all time lived, hunted and reproduced in these waters during that era", said a statement by the scientists.