Population of Deadly Jellyfish on Rise across the Globe

JellyfishNew studies have showed that jellyfish populations are soaring across the globe. Over the next few years, top end waters could see an influx of deadly box jellyfish and irukandji, warn scientists.

Professor Tim Flannery from the Australian Climate Commission has said that over hunting of species that prey on them is attributing to their growing population. Professor Flannery has revealed that this has led to a situation that would see rapid rise in numbers of deadly box jellyfish and irukandji found in Northern Australia.

He added, "So when there's a big jellyfish bloom, those jellyfish can really take over the eco-system and they do that by killing and consuming any fish eggs in the water and any fish larvae".

He raised serious concerns over the spread of jellyfish to other parts of the world where they did not exist commonly.

According to him, it could be said that Australian jellyfish have now become widespread. The irukandji jellyfish has been spotted off Cape Town and off Florida, which makes it evident that they are spreading. The Australian Irukandji jellyfish is known as the most venomous creature on earth.

The species is different than other jellyfish species and is a real environmental hazard.