Blind People Face Lack Support from Councils

Blind People Face Lack Support from CouncilsNew data has revealed that the count of blind people getting assisted by councils has reduced significantly over time in England.

The Royal National Institute of Blind People had conducted the study, which said that less than only 32,000 people in the blind category could get support the previous year.

In comparison to the same, the figures noted in 2005-06 were, more or less, at 56,000. The same meant that a fall of 40% has hit in past six years.

The group was concerned noting the figures. Thus, it raised warnings that continuation of the current trend could result in zero number of blind people getting the help from councils. The new trend could be realized within a due course of 10 years.

According to the charity, the present scenario was completely unacceptable. Since, blind people were not new to often need help while carrying out different activities, including cooking and shopping.

The findings, according to the surveyors, are a hint that councils have been facing problems while offering means-tested social care to blind people.

“Being left alone to cope with sight loss is wholly unacceptable. No matter how tight the budgets of government are, this is essential support which must be provided”, avowed Lesley-Anne Alexander, chief executive.