Region’s first anti-doping lab to be created in Doha

Doping-TestRecently, Qatar unveiled its initiative to create an anti-doping testing and research facility in Doha's Aspire Zone; thus taking another step forward towards establishing itself as a major sporting hub of the world.

The announcement was made yesterday by the Anti Doping Lab Qatar (ADLQ) in Doha.

ADLQ, which will cater athletes throughout the Gulf region and the whole of West Asia once completed, will be the region's first specialized Anti Doping Laboratory, apart from being the second one to be set up in the entire Middle East.

Dr Olivier Rabin, Director, Sciences at World Anti Doping Agency (WADA), explained in context to Qatar's lab which has been granted provisional approval by WADA, pending the final approval, "This is the end of the beginning."

It will be in four years that the project is aimed to complete. It should be noted that the laboratory will function independent of Qatar's existing sporting agencies, under its own governing structure in order to uphold Olympic standards of fair play and avoid any conflict of interest.

Once completed, it will function on an area of 10,000 square metres at the Aspire Zone.