One Second is Longer for Houseflies than Humans

HousefliesIt has been claimed by a new study that trying to swat a fly is difficult because time appears to move slowly in the minds of smaller animals. It has been revealed by researchers that the ultra-nimble fly is capable of processing nearly seven times as much of information in a second as a human.

This is the possible reason how flies evade a rolled-up piece of newspaper that appears as a blur to human eyes when moves like a flash. It is because the fly looks at it as the slow-motion bullets that are easy to dodge. "That's because they are getting much more information per second through their visual system. so that second feels longer", one of the researchers, Dr. Luke McNally, of Edinburgh University, said.

It was unveiled in a paper published in Animal Behaviour journal today that the perception of time has an association with the size of an animal's body and metabolic rate.

However, it can also change depending upon the circumstances. During stressful conditions, like a car crash, time appears to slow down as brain increases the amount of information it is taking in to avoid a disaster.

According to scientists, dogs are capable of processing the information at twice the rate of humans and that is why they never seem interested in television. Their tendency makes television images appear as flickering images.