Australian Lungfish to Eat Lavish Cake on Its Birthday

Australian Lungfish to Eat Lavish Cake on Its BirthdayIt's his birthday - 80th birth anniversary - that definitely demands celebration. But, does it mean a cake that is two-tiered, frozen, prepared using shrimp, herbivore gel squares, grated carrot and green peas? Or does the elderly Aussie fella deserve a cake with seaweed frosting?

The answer is yes. It has been found that the Aussie lungfish is actually awaiting the cake. On Tuesday, his birth anniversary would be celebrated at the largest indoor aquarium of the world, i. e. at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium. Australian Consul-General Roger Price is to attend the same.

The granddad has been found to be beloved in Chicago. He is 1.2m in length and weighs in at 9kg.

Taronga Zoo of Sydney had donated the fish in the year 1933 to Shedd. The same was intended for the World Fair in Chicago.

As per the findings, Lungfish could enjoy a maximum life of 60 years. They reside in rivers. Seemingly, it is the pampering given by Chicago residents to him that has kept him alive for so long.

The exact age of the granddad is still not known. But, the fish has certainly grabbed the place of the oldest fish in all zoos or aquariums of the world after completing his 80th birthday.