South African Scientist Invents World’s First Digital Laser

Digital-LaserWorld's first digital laser has been invented and the credit goes to Sandile Ngcobo from the Council for Industrial and Scientific Research (CSIR), South Africa. It took two years for Sandile to succeed after many trials and errors in the process.

This invention can bring revolution in the field of manufacturing, communications and health. However, much to his humility the researcher just wants to say thanks to people around him, who backed his efforts unconditionally.

Now, the laser beams could be controlled digitally within the laser, which would improve the performance by manifold. Until now, these results were attained only with the help of costly optics and multiple lasers.

In the health field as well, there is an extensive usage of lasers for performing laser eye surgery. For reading barcodes, telephone and TV signals also laser is used and new discovery could be of great significance for the industry.

This medium will be cheaper in comparison to the conventional lasers, which take help of expensive optics for shaping the light. This invention will allow shaping the beam digitally inside the machine itself.

"You can decide at a moment's notice the shape you would like", informed Andrew Forbes, Head of CSIR Mathematics Optics Research Group.