UK Estate Agent Foxton Makes $1.3 Billion Share Market Debut

UK Estate Agent Foxton Makes $1.3 Billion Share Market DebutAccording to new reports, Foxtons Group Plc has gained a profit of about 24% on the first day of their trading in London after the real estate broker's public offerings.

British Estate Agent Foxton enjoyed a strong share market debut with early trading giving a firm a market value of 787 million pounds, despite some concerns that its core property market is overheating.

Foxton said that it has sold 60% shares for 230 pence per share.

London Foxtons is the latest housing-related company to float on the backs of Britain's recovering housing market.

Foxton is also known as the fleet of Mini Coopers. This term has been used for Foxton by most of the employees in order to show the homes to various clients. This is benefiting the company from the London's flourishing property market.

According to the U. K.'s Office for National Statistics, the average price of homes has been increased to 9.7% in the month of July, when compared with that in the previous year.

House prices have been increased too high when compared with those in 2007. "In a market with such strong fundamentals, people have got limited ways to access the U. K. housing market recovery", said Anthony Coding, an analyst at Jefferies Group LLC.