Victoria Beckham is Happier after David Took a Leave from Soccer

Victoria-BeckhamFrom the time when David has taken a leave from soccer, Victoria Beckham is happier than ever. Victoria Beckham, a fashion designer, feels more comfortable as she is now able to spend more time with her husband. Moreover, she says that she is no more concerned about who will take care of her children. The couple has three sons and a daughter.

An insider told British magazine Look that Victoria Beckham says that when her husband is at home she can spend as extra 20 minutes in bed. Also, she can do overtime without worrying about her children. The source said, "Victoria has got so much flack over the years - she's always tried to keep her head held high and keep on pushing".

One more friend says that Victoria has a desire to work further with David so that she can spread the Beckham Empire. She also wants that her children to be encouraged by them.

The Sunday People disclosed that both of them are thankful to Jackie Adams and Sandra Beckham for taking care of their children when they were out at work. They have gifted them Audi's sporty A4 models. Victoria said it was difficult for her to merge her career with motherhood.