Grizzly Bears’ Population should Increase in Southwestern B.C.: Advocates

Grizzly-BearsCoast to Cascades, an organization that favors grizzly bears, has expressed its desire to witness a rise in the population of grizzly bears in southwestern B. C.

The organization has affirmed that if there will be a rise in the population then it will be beneficial for other animals as well in the region. It has been said so as grizzly bear is counted in the category of umbrella species.

Every possible effort is being made by the organization to convince the province to add more grizzly bears. The organization has even teamed up with other groups in order to add more value to their demand.

Kyle Empringham of Coast to Cascades said that they are not worried about a thing that increase in grizzly bears' population will increase the chances of them coming in contact with humans.

"The populations that we're talking about are far enough away from the Vancouver area that I don't think it would really be much of an issue", said Empringham.

The Ministry of Environment said that there are chances that authorities concerned will take actions to improve the natural migration of bears. But they have to see whether or not humans are at risk due to bears.