Underage Youth get easy Access to Alcohol and Cigarettes from Friends and Family: Study

Underage Youth get easy Access to Alcohol and Cigarettes from Friends and Family: StudyAre friends and family members the ones who inculcate unhealthy habits in youths below 18 years? Well, this is what findings of a latest study are suggesting.  According to the study, family members and friends provide access to cigarettes and alcohol to underage youth.

The Centre for Addiction and Metal Health conducted the latest study in which they involved 9,822 students from grades 7-12. The survey is being conducted every two years since 1977.  The latest survey revealed that underage students in Ontario and Canada got their cigarettes and alcohol either from a family member or a friend.

It is a known fact now that teen smoking and drinking have sought a significant rise worldwide.  These two factors have become big concerns because of their significant contribution to early death.  They influence mortality rates to an extent that makes children indulged in those activities more likely to die well before their parents.

As per reports of Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention, nearly 4,000 underage children smoke their first cigarette each year.  As a result, 400,000 young Americans become daily smokers.

Dr.  Robert Mann, CAMH Senior Scientist and Principal Investigator on the survey, said, "Despite efforts to curb youth smoking and prevent youth alcohol use, the survey tells us that youth are still able to easily access these substances, often from the very people who should be looking out for their well-being".