Dubai hotel releases Whale shark following environmentalist’s pressure

Whale-SharkBowing to the international pressure, a Dubai hotel finally released the rare whale shark which was in the captivity of the hotel aquarium since September 2008. A large number of people were turning up for having the glimpse of the rare species though environmentalists sternly opposed the detention of the shark and asked for its immediate release. The Atlantis resort, however, said that it rescued the whale Sammy. However, a campaign by animal lovers made the hotel to release the shark that proved a crowd puller and added to publicity of the hotel.

Sammy, the whale shark that comes in the category of protected species, is 4.2-metre female which finds its way into the Gulf waters.

Meanwhile, the hotel released the whale out of the media glare without sending any invitation to reporters or Dubai's marine community. Steve Kaiser, Vice-president, marine and science engineering told, "The whale shark is an animal about which little is known and Atlantis is proud that the research and data gathered can be shared amongst the marine community."

Dr Robert Hueter, Director of the Centre for Shark Research Mote Marine Laboratory said that shark was in good condition upon release and there was no impact over its growth rate in aquarium.