The MP4-12C launched by McLaren

McLarenRon Dennis, the boss of McLaren launched the company's new super car, the MP4-12C. Production of the road car, the MP4-12C, which will cost about £150,000, will begin next year at a new £40m facility at the company's futuristic headquarters in Woking, which would also create 300 jobs.

McLaren Automotive, which is preparing more new models, is hoping to ultimately sell 4,000 cars worldwide each year. The company has made limited numbers of more luxurious super cars in the past, but never as many as this time.

Dennis, whose wealth, the Sunday Times last year estimated at £87m, is clearly proud about McLaren's achievements in F1, making it the sport's second most victorious team after Ferrari.

McLaren's championship-winning drivers gave the car, the eventual product backing in a film that showed, Hamilton whooping cheerfully as he drove it. He said the group, whose 50 per cent ownership belongs to Bahraini investors, was now talking to another unnamed Middle Eastern group, about taking a 48 per cent stake in the business enterprise. The group had completed outstanding diligence and its identity would be announced within three months.