Safety Question Raised as Man dies at Warehouse Project’s Dance Night Party

Warehouse ProjectDance night party was organized at the Warehouse Project in Trafford, Greater Manchester. The party, which took place on Saturday, has witnessed death of a party attendee and collapsing of 15 other people.

The man, Nick Bonnie, 30, had initially collapsed in the party. He was taken ill to hospital and later died. Questions have been raised on the party organizers, who in return have affirmed that appropriate measures are there at the place to ensure the safety of clubbers.

Greater Manchester Police is of the idea that clubbers might have taken ecstasy. Organizers have informed that extra security and paramedics were present on Friday. In fact, arrangement of extra air conditioners has also been made.

Sacha Lord, co-founder of the Warehouse Project, affirmed, "Which other venues in the country have private police on the door, drug sniffer dogs on the door, paramedics, ambulances, searches on the way in?"

Lord continued by affirming that are ensuring that a safe environment is created for people who come to attend the party in the club. In the last, Lord said they just want to pass the message that the drugs people are buying are not the ones that they have thought. So, it will be better to be cautious.