Global Warming is Responsible for Changing Climatic Conditions

El-NinoAustralian scientists claim to have given a clearer response to a 20-year climate puzzle. However, these results which are concluded by the scintists will not be considered as welcome news for farmers, policymakers or the wider public.

The El Nino-Southern Oscillation works over the Pacific. It is considered as an engine room for driving unpredictability in the atmosphere of the world. The topic has been studied for a long time so as to realize how the atmosphere will be affected from greenhouse gases released due to global warming.

Latest study done by the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research, together run by the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO, reveals that the impact of El Nino years . This is marked by a relative rise in temperature of waters in the eastern Pacific and changing patterns of rainfall. However, this will deteriorate by climate change.

El Nino weather patterns are usually bad news for eastern Australia.

''There's an intensification of changes in rainfall that are driven by El Nino'', said Scott Power, research leader and a senior climate scientist at the bureau.

The team established that western regions of the Pacific, for example, east Australia, will have poorer droughts during El Nino years, whereas heavy rains will occur in the eastern Pacific. This has been concluded by the latest climate models.