DNA Body Clock Discovered by Scientists

DNAAs per a new report, an internal body clock has been discovered by US scientists. This internal clock is used to find out the biological age of the tissues and the organs in the human body. They discovered their research based on the DNA samples of the humans.

It has also been declared that there are some tissues in the human body that age at much faster and slower rate. But, some healthy tissues are there that age at same rate as a whole body.

Researchers are of the view that on discovering the mechanism behind the working of the clock will help them find out the reason for this ageing process in humans. They said that this will also led to the discovery of new drugs and interventions, which will help to slow down the rate of ageing process.

Steve Horvath, Prof. of genetics and biostatistics at the University of California in Los Angeles, said: "Ultimately, it would be very exciting to develop therapy interventions to reset the clock and hopefully keep us young".

Horvath conducted a survey in which he collected 8,000 DNA samples of about 51 healthy and cancerous tissues. He basically tested the methylation, a chemical process held responsible for the chemical modification of DNA varied with age. He declared that methylation of 353 DNA varies consistently with age. This further can also be used as a biological clock.