Alzheimer's study detects new genes found in disease

Alzheimer's study detects new genes found in diseaseAlzheimer's disease has always made scientists conduct various studies to find the cause of this memory loss disease during old age, however there is still not enough done in the field of genetics related to the cause of Alzheimer’s.

Findings from the international team suggest at least 20 genes play a role in the common late-onset form of Alzheimer's, more than double the number scientists had previously identified.

Researchers have done a recent study which will allow other scientists to figure out if a patient has a potential chance of contriving this disease during old age.

The findings of this study can also make it possible to develop a drug which can prove to be helpful to avoid Alzheimer’s.

Philippe Amouyel at the Pasteur Institute in Lille worked with his team using genetic information of over 74,000 Alzheimer's patients.

He clubbed this information with healthy controls to detect those strands of DNA which were found commonly in those suffering from the disease.

Several genes detected commonly in these patients have been linkied earlier also but there was an additional set of 11 genes which had never before been related to the disease.

There is no cure or treatment for this condition and a patient suffers from the worst form when nerve cells die after damage and tangles are made in the brain.