Rodents increasingly becoming immune to regular poison

RodentsExperts have warned against the stronger mutant rats which have acquired a resistance towards the regular rat poison found in the markets.

These rodent looking creatures feed on poisonous pellets like regular food stuff. They were earlier spotted in Kent, West country and now have been detected even in Sussex.

The British Pest Control Association's Richard Moseley said that normal rats are, no doubt murdered off by toxic substance, so these safe species are taking their spot, its main characteristic that their numbers are growing.

Be that as it may they're being discovered further away from home than at one time foreseen.

They consume rat poison like food and stay unharmed you may also be forgetting grain for them'.

There are an expected 10.5million rats in Britain and they breed quickly.

The incubation period is only 21 days and a female can have up to 14 pups at once. Some rat pairs can have 800 juniors in only two years.

Mutant rats have been around for 50 years yet analysts caution they are spreading quickly. Mutants have been discovered in Sussex to many people's surprise by scientists from the University of Huddersfield.